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Why continue to build using traditional methods?

Neoblock Modular

At Neoblock, we are manufacturers specialized in the modular construction of single-family and multi-family homes, collective buildings, and technical spaces for any industry or use. We manufacture top quality, customized buildings in record time. We are focused on the industrialization of the construction process because we believe it offers numerous benefits for client projects.

Modular or industrialized construction is done inside a factory in a way that is faster as well as more controlled, efficient, and sustainable. We anticipate the construction issues that arise in conventional methods and provide the same guarantees, but we resolve client needs in the highly controlled environment of a factory. Neoblock proposes a new concept of construction methods.

Discover a new way to build.

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Modular Construction

20 Weeks

Traditional Construction

52 Weeks

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Neoblock “Pro Series”

Neoblock “Living  Series”


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