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At Neoblock, we feel the need to build new and different spaces that offer the necessary guarantees in order to fully enjoy them. We are committed to providing all of our services before, during, and after the completion of your project. When you choose Neoblock to create your new space, we will explain the simple purchasing process and all the benefits of our modular construction system.



Business management and advisory services

Our sales team will advise you throughout the purchasing process in order to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.


Project development

Our Architecture and Engineering department transfers your ideas to paper. Together, we will work to make your project unique, and we will even prepare it for future expansions.



It’s time to make your project a reality at our manufacturing facility through the use of fully-monitored processes that always take into consideration the industrialization and quality criteria Neoblock offers. This stage is divided into two parts. The on-site phase includes the work that is done at the location where the building will be installed, and the off-site phase includes the work that is carried out at our manufacturing facility. The two phases are coordinated to shorten execution times.



We ship the units to the final location using the most suitable method.



The process is completed by assembling the units that will comprise the modular building in a short period of time. We can also relocate your modular building to a different location in the future.


After-sales service

We are available throughout the service life of your building. We will always be by your side to provide the best service.

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Advantages of modular construction with Neoblock