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Modular Architecture, a new housing concept

In recent years, industrialized housing has gained ground in the real estate market. Neoblock creates exclusive spaces with attention to detail so all the needs of residents are fully addressed. Our homes can be mortgaged and have the same guarantees as traditional properties, which means that they require architectural projects and development licenses. Our extensive experience in manufacturing modular homes has prepared us to carry out all types of residential projects.

We create modular homes with personalized designs and high-quality materials in very short turnaround times thanks to the advantages of the off-site construction system. Single-family and multi-family homes with up to five floors and designs that range from contemporary, minimalist, rural, industrial, and more. Of any size, layout, number of floors, and surface area.

Our modular homes have steel or wood structures and are built using top quality and highly efficient construction materials. The steel structure system has anti-seismic properties that are much more effective compared to other alternatives. They comply with the legislation in force (CTE, Spain’s Technical Building Code) and are built in accordance with high acoustic and thermal insulation standards, making them much more energy efficient.

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The main advantages of purchasing a Neoblock modular home are:

If you are an architect or developer, feel free to contact us to discover the many benefits of our system. We will provide the necessary support for your housing project along with the best guarantees.

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