Technical edifications

Custom solutions to integrate special equipment

Technical projects that are rigorously carried out for clients in the technology sector. Unique technical spaces that require maximum precision throughout the construction and assembly process because they will house expensive technical equipment. The engineering department at Neoblock adapts to the needs of clients who want a specific product with a high added value. We manufacture anything ranging from one unit to mass production, but always guaranteeing top quality.

  • Booths for telecommunications equipment
  • Access control booths
  • Special surveillance booths
  • Testing laboratories
  • Waste sorting rooms
  • Air control towers
  • Modules for solar inverters
  • Radio and multiplexer broadcasting centers
  • Gas analysis booths
  • Weather control centers
  • Manufacturing facility control booths
  • Modules for electrical and switching equipment
  • Gas station shops
  • Transforming maritime containers for a variety of uses
  • Modular industrial facilities
  • Communications shelters
  • Equipment shelters
  • Containers for navigation equipment
  • Transformation centers
  • Housing for offshore platforms
  • Environmental risk warehouses

If necessary, our technical modules can be integrated with installations and equipment such as:

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